God Sends Calamity To Bring Peace

God Sends Calamity To Bring Peace - Anchor Of Promise

I am the one who forms light and creates darkness; the one who brings about peace and creates calamity. I am the LORD, who accomplishes all these things.

Isaiah 45:7

Cyrus the Great was a pagan king who reigned over Persia between 539—530 BC. During this period, the Jews were suffering from a great calamity. They were in exile, living as captives in Babylon.  

One hundred and fifty years before King Cyrus was born, Isaiah the prophet in the Old Testament prophesied that Cyrus the Great would deliver the Jews and rebuild the temple.  

In the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 45, the story unfolds about who and how God would choose to deliver His people – The Lord says that King Cyrus will be anointed.  He would subdue the nations.  He is called by name and will be given a title with honor. He’s been set apart for God’s service even though Cyrus doesn’t acknowledge who God is.  All his ways will be directed and he will be the deliverer of God’s chosen that have been in exile and through God, King Cyrus will rebuild the city.   Continue reading

I Just Want to Go Home!

I Just Want To Go Home - Anchor Of Promise

The most common phrase that doctors, therapists, counselors, treatment and hospital centers, officers/guards, and parents hear from a teen is, “I just want to go home.”

We begin to visualize the popular Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz clicking her heels with her eyes closed repeating, “There’s no place like home,” over and over again. We may not be living in Oz but the words spoken do tell a story. Continue reading

Our 30 Day Challenge

Our 30 Day Challenge - Anchor Of Promise

Music. It can directly impact your teen and their crisis. In fact, it can also worsen their crisis to the extent of real harm and even death.

When my teen was going through her depression, it wasn’t the normal sad day that many of us have. It came with suicidal ideology and tendencies. She was also an avid music listener. It was either the lyrics or the beat that drew her into the world of particular songs that she felt related to her.

Many of these song lyrics talked about death, sadness, loneliness, pain, and hurt with no hope. I remember one particular song she had heard that spoke about the death of their long time love. It affected the person who was singing it to the point of themselves having this personal discussion as to whether or not to join their loved one who couldn’t handle life anymore. Continue reading

If You Do Not Stand Firm in Your Faith, You Will Not Stand At All


If You Do Not Stand Firm in Your Faith, You Will Not Stand At All - Anchor Of Promise

I have been on hiatus in the past month or so because life has a way of bringing twists and turns that distract and prevent you from moving forward.  These twists and turns are often a testing of our faith as we travel in our Christian walk.

This past year, my husband has been ill.  He suffered two strokes, affected by Lyme’s and now has an autoimmune disorder that it causing havoc and pain.  The economy also has affected our finances which came to a blow in which we were about to lose our home and business.  Then add to this trial, our youngest adult struggled with another serious crisis.

However, in all of this, many things unfolded in which we saw the hand of God in ways we never imagined. Continue reading

Do All Lives Really Matter? No.

Do All Lives Really Matter? No! - Anchor Of Promise
In the past year we all have seen and read debates and movements regarding whose lives really matter. I have come to my own conclusion. Not all lives matter.

I personally have compassion to many groups of ethnicity and color as well as respect. HOWEVER, I have absolutely no respect or tolerance for other groups. Who are they? Continue reading