Why are there more girls self-harming than boys?

If you are parent who has a child that self-harms, this post can give you a glimpse into the world of cutting and help you understand this issue in a deeper way. For my daughter, her healing came through prayer, ways to express herself that doesn’t influence self-harm and counseling.

When looking into self-harm, what stuck with me most was that the number of girls self-harming is significantly higher than the number of boys.  It really got me thinking and all I wanted to understand was why?  Does it have something to do with a female’s inability to deal with stress, or their desire to be in control, or perhaps a lack of self-esteem?

A comment on my previous self-harm post, regarding the need to be in control, reads: “Teenage girls are constantly being told what they need to be – standards that few can live up to. I believe that more girls turn to harming themselves and controlling what they eat because they can control nothing else. In male-dominated society, girls have control over almost nothing.”

This is an interesting way of looking at it, especially when we are living in a time that is media-obsessed.  Girls feel like…

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