How Teens are Practicing for Divorce

The points in this blog are right on! I am already seeing a major turn in our teenagers in how they deal with relationships and it is not good. Thank you BackwardParentingByBrita for sharing your heart. Fellow bloggers, take a read and let me know your thoughts on this topic.


No matter your beliefs or background, I think we can all agree that the divorce rate in America is high.

Fact: 40%-50% of marriages will end in divorce.

Another fact? Divorce hurts kids.

divorce hurts

Just so nobody thinks I’m railing on something I know nothing about, I am a product of divorce, and I am married (for the second time) to a man who was married and divorced prior, and who brought two children as part of our own marriage pact (point is, I have some experience. Another point, divorce happens, even to the best of us.). I can safely say that we (him and I) parented “his” and “our” kids as equally as possible, with the same rules, the same discipline and the same love. I naively thought “equal” would counter the other messiness of shared holidays, weekend time at bio-mom’s, different rules at different houses, the questions of why…

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