Help for Parents of Troubled Teens

Hope for Hurting Parents has provided some great resources that I would highly recommend. They have been a blessing to me by all that they share and my prayer is that you not only seek out these resources, but also follow their blog. They truly have a heart to minister to parents as much as I do.

Hope For Hurting Parents

Are you a parent who’s wondered where to find help, encouragement and insights for your troubled teen? You may only need a book with freshattitude ideas. But your problems may be more serious and you need a residential program. I’m a parent who struggled for years to find the help, encouragement and insights I needed, too.  In today’s blog I’ll share some books and websites for teen programs around the country. It took me years to find these and I believe each one has much to offer.  It is my prayer that something here will help you.

Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens by David Tripp;   Helpful information and video talks by pastor, author David Tripp.

Relief for Hurting Parents : How to Fight for the Lives of Teenagers: How to Prepare Younger Children for Less Dangerous Journeys Through Teenage Years by  Buddy Scott;  Excellent…

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