Great advice if you have someone in your life that struggles with self-harm.


Causes of self harm
The causes of self harm are the things that set it off in the first place – not necessarily what makes the individual continue to self harm.
The causes of self harm may be:
• bullying
• abuse (sexual, emotional or physical)
• neglect
• school/work pressures
• family financial difficulties
• housing problems
• relationship troubles
• family problems
• bereavement
• loneliness/isolation
• eating disorders
• drug/alcohol problems
• coming to terms with sexuality
…or any experience or event that causes negative feelings, thoughts and tensions.

Quite a lot of these reasons are common occurrences in today’s society and are not always preventable. As parents we struggle with feelings of guilt and inadequacy when we discover that our child has been self harming. There is so much depth to emotional problems that the cause of your child’s self harm may not be the one you…

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