Eating Disorders: A Perfect Illusion

From a courageous young woman who has a secret to tell. Not just to her family, but to all parents. Your teen may be in this same position. Truth is the only freedom that will lift the heavy burdens a family carries. I am proud of this friend that she is trying hard to take a step of faith in doing what is right. Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

Fighting to Find Myself

Yesterday I was watching a documentary on YouTube called “Perfect Illusions” and one quote in particular caught my attention. The quote states that “Children with eating disorders sometimes feel they are the ones who have to hold the family together. They don’t want to cause anymore problems in a family that is already under pressure” (11 minutes, 50 second mark approximately).

Until hearing this I never fully realized why I have been so afraid to tell my family about my struggles. There is a war in my mind; a part of me demands to be heard, to be understood; another part of me demands silence and secrecy. I didn’t really realize it until now, but the part of me that demands secrecy is trying to protect everyone from the reality of my illnesses.

My parents have already got a lot to deal with as a result of one…

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