When Parents Feel Hopeless at Easter

Yes, holidays are tough. While everyone is happy around you and enjoying their families, you are struggling to just get through the day. But there is hope. Our Heavenly Father has not abandoned you or your child in crisis. He is faithful. He is our hope in our time of crisis. This is a great post…please take the time to be encouraged and build your hope once again.

Hope For Hurting Parents

It’s Easter. A day of hope and new beginnings. That’s what people say, right? But what if you don’t feel very hopeful today? pray1Your child is struggling and you can’t help it – you feel hopeless. They’re incarcerated. They have a drug or alcohol problem. They’ve done so much damage to themselves. They inflict wounds on their bodies, too – cutting, burning, breaking bones, disordered eating They’ve been in and out of rehab, but can’t seem to overcome it. Is there any hope for them?

They made a terrible mistake and married that person you prayed they never would – or they moved in with them against your wishes (and prayers). Marriage is the furthest thing from their minds. Maybe now there’s an innocent child (or children) in the picture. Or they’re pursuing a gay lifestyle and hinted marriage could be ahead – or they already married their partner. What…

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3 thoughts on “When Parents Feel Hopeless at Easter

  1. Thanks for sharing yesterday’s post, Stacy! I appreciate you!


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