What we know about kids who do what Josh Duggar did

A great article worth reading. There are many more Josh’s out in the world and we need to find a way to help them as well as respond in a positive way that will encourage healing for all the teens and children.


shutterstock_206040040At the time I finished my child psychiatry training 25 years ago, I stepped into a job as Medical Director (and later, Clinical Director) of a large residential treatment center that offered treatment programs for teens (with and without intellectual disabilities) who had been adjudicated for sexual offenses. At the time, the vast preponderance of kids in our programs were themselves victims of sexual abuse. We spent considerable time trying to figure out why some kids who were abused went on to offend while other victims didn’t, and we were also interested in what treatments worked best in reducing the risk of reoffending. Some of our internal research was presented at a couple of major conferences…the most important predictor of positive outcomes (no reoffending) in our cohort was the extent to which families of the kids we treated were actively engaged in the treatment process…when the kids we were treating still had…

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2 thoughts on “What we know about kids who do what Josh Duggar did

  1. Great article Stacy. Good to hear from you!


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