What do we know about gender non-conforming kids?

A topic too many do not want to confront or discuss. In order to help families who are struggling with this issue, we must take a closer look into the behavior of non-conforming gender and how to properly address this in the church. Dr. Stephen Grcevich’s expertise can help us decipher what we need to learn and how to help bring healing for those who are trapped in this cycle.


Leelah AlcornWhat would you do if a family came to your church with a child identified by their parents as “transgender?”  What would the response be to parents who want their child to use the restroom corresponding to their’s child’s perceived gender identity or to participate in ministry activities based upon gender identity as opposed to the child’s anatomical sex? How would your student ministry respond to a gender-discordant teen undergoing hormonal therapy to prevent the onset of puberty or seeking to change their appearance to reflect their gender identity?

I bet it’s safe to say these are issues few leaders or volunteers serving in children’s ministry or student ministry ever contemplated prior to assuming their current roles. But in the aftermath of the discussion surrounding the media coverage of the physical transformation of the 1976 Olympic Decathlon champion into Caitlyn Jenner, the topic is now squarely front and center. This…

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