Red Flags You are Dating an Abuser

Is your teen in an abusive relationship? Do you know what signs to look for? This is valuable information to teach your teen so that they know the warning signs, especially when they are a teen in crisis, needing love and validation. This could very much be a trap for them. Great information!

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

Here is a list of red flags that may help you to see early on that you are with an abusive personality. If you are seeing a few of these characteristics then you need to assert some boundaries with them and see how they react.

If they fight you about having simple personal boundaries then you need to realize that you may be in an abusive relationship. 

Tell them you have to go sleep early one night because you have a lot to do the next day. If they do not accept this, then there is a problem.

No one should give you guilt or shame you that you are not good to them, when you are doing simple basic things to take care of yourself.

It is not normal for someone to threaten to leave you or call you a bad girlfriend if you want to do things for…

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4 thoughts on “Red Flags You are Dating an Abuser

  1. Thank you for reblogging this. It is important that we get this information out to thhe people who need it.



  2. Hey Stacy- Its Tj @ Dont Label My Kid- I just tried to reply to you on a post I wrote a month ago and I think 6/15/ is when you replied. I dont know if I missed it somehow or whatever happened. Sorry for the delay anyhow!
    I have so many things drilled in my brain that I have seen in the last 20+ years as a social worker for troubled/delinquent/expelled/violent – you name it.
    Based on what on Ive seen personally, the system with the problems youth have are are now cash based and run by the drug companes. I am sure you are aware of the procedure when a kid is referred to the school therapist or whatever. Gone are the days of doing many different assessments to rule out things like trauma they are dealing with, abuse, addiction, then the checks on eyes and specific areas to rule out anything that can be cared for by a counselor. Now the teachers just need to say the word Ad/Hd to a parent or a school administrator and before a few days the kid will be on Adderall.

    Now, the newish (10-15 years) direction is like a big circle of love between doctors and drug companies. You know the DSM is put out every 4-5 years or, each year looking more stupid then the last. For example I think the new one has an official Dx in it called ” Teenage Rebellion Syndrome”—DUHHH– I have 5 kids of my own, and have taken in at least 40 foster teens over the years and all of them seemed to get this disease at some point -lol
    Whats really coincidental is that 200 Psychiatrist’s meet up in the secret area in the mountains somewhere and make these new ones up. Well its coincidental that is, if you are aware that the drug companies have the new drugs approved and are advertising it before the new DSM is publicly released.
    One of the doctors at the mountain DSM party must have accidently leaked some of the new disorders!! Wow. How else could the the billion dollar drug companies know what drugs to be working on? My gosh what about the 8 week clinical studies that are supposed to done before the FDA approves anything?

    Then after a short time the ads start running for everyone alive. ” Do you ever feel sad? Do ever laugh to much? Do you ever worry too much about your pet? You may benefit from PETSTOPPA. – ask your doctor about it and let your worries for pet drift away.
    Then at the Dr- He prescribes PETSTOPPA for a few, then alot until his benefits kick in…its public. The Washington Post just did a study and found that 94% of doctors have a ” personal” relationship with someone from one of the drug companies. A few clicks on line to the washington post and search now you can see how much drug companies and drs have in common. Its on my site if you cant get to it.
    Anyways-sorry so late responding. By the way on a side note- same sex relationships do have the highest suicide rate. Also the highest domestic violence, substance abuse, and the male to male ones have each, on the average had 500 partners each. They also end much quicker then any other relationships.
    Maybe it really was Adam and Eve- not Adam and Steve- for good reason.

    Talk later-


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