Before It’s Too Late

Before It's Too Late - Anchor Of Promise

“It’s the breakdown of the family. Faith issues. Societal issues,” he said. “I can tell you that our juvenile courts are full and that one day we will reap a bitter harvest when they grow up.” (quote by Prosecutor Cody Hiland)

This quote comes from Prosecutor Cody Hiland who is involved in the case of a teen who recently killed his grandparents.  Yes, teens are are being influenced by their peers in society that lead to destructive paths that will alter their life forever.  Mr. Hiland is so correct in that it comes from the breakdown of the family, the crises of a teen and no faith to sustain them.

This is why I write to support parents about teen issues of today.  Parents are lost, hopeless, and giving up.  They are embarrassed, shamed and many times, have quit on their teen when that teen’s need was so great.

Without God as the head of family, it will continue to be a family of dysfunction, barely surviving each day.  Parents need support. Parents need prayer.  Parents need others to walk by their side and let them know they are not alone.  They need direction and tools to guide them through the teenage years, especially when that teen is in crisis.

So if you’re a parent and struggling –

  1. Join a support group specific to your teen’s hurts and pain.
  2. Be a part of the family of God – The church wants to support, encourage, and pray for you.
  3. Go to counseling.  It won’t hurt.  Every parent needs help.  You can’t fix your teen alone.
  4. Pray!  God hears.  God listens.  God answers.




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2 thoughts on “Before It’s Too Late

  1. Great post. Go another step and teach them how to pray effectively. Blessings. vw

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