Writing about PTSD in Children Was Not on My Bucket List

As a parent who has a teen with PTSD, I wish I had learned early on the signs and symptoms of this disorder. I would encourage those who read this article to follow up on the series to help you learn more and be encouraged. I know I will. Thank you Joleen for sharing your story. It will really minister.


Baby in Pediatric ICU shutterstock_114520009

Editor’s note: Jolene Philo is serving as a special guest contributor to our blog this fall. Many of our readers have been blessed by her articles and videos on PTSD. She’ll be featured every Thursday on the blog between now and Thanksgiving. Here’s Jolene…

I have loved to tell stories for as long as I can remember. Show and tell was my favorite subject in school. My second favorite subject was when the teacher read aloud after lunch. The actual writing of stories came in at a distant third, though the gap closed substantially once I quit reversing “b” and “d” and graduated from stubby pencils and flimsy primary paper to pen and wide-ruled notebook paper. As my writing skills grew, I started a bucket list of stories I wanted to write some day.

Over the years, my writing bucket list included the following:

  • Write fairy tales about princesses who…

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