O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree - Anchor Of Promise

As you probably noticed, I haven’t been around much.  You see, life takes a lot of twists and turns as a parent and as a person.  Since July, I have taken on a full time job along with some new teen challenges to deal with and changes in my personal life.  

With busyness, chaos, and craziness, I had wondered on whether or not to even celebrate Christmas.  I was tired, weary, and lacked a lot of joy.  

I told my husband, “No Christmas tree this year.  I don’t have it in me to celebrate.”  Several days later I went back to my husband and said, “I changed my mind.  Get a Christmas tree!”  

So why did I reconsider?  I realized something really important.  Christmas was to focus on Jesus.  Not my child.  Not myself.  Just Jesus.  We celebrate because we want to remember and honor the great gift that our Heavenly Father gave us.  Jesus!  The only LIGHT in this dark world.  The only HOPE that rescues and saves us…AND our teen in crisis.

So what will help you get through this Holiday season?  Begin a new tradition! In my home, I have started a Prayer Tree.  Throughout the year I will change the decorations and add prayers.  These prayers will center on my teen and their struggles as well as hopes for our family.

By writing out these prayers, I am releasing and completely giving to God my teen’s issues.  Each one that is answered will be put in a memory box to remind me of how God is working in my child’s life and even our own as parents.  They will also be an encouragement in building our trust and faith in Him when we have no control over our teen’s circumstances or choices.

Lastly, my prayer tree will keep me focused on the One who is not only our King and Savior, but One who brings good news, peace, joy and healing.  Amen!

Merry Christmas!  

2 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

  1. Thank you, Stacy, for sharing your heart. I posted a link on my Facebook and Twitter page. And I’ve not forgotten you or your book. Father, hold Stacy and her family very, very close.

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