Starting Anew in 2017!

Starting Anew in 2017 - Anchor Of Promise

For many of us parents with teens and young adults who struggle and are hurting, we look forward to leaving the past behind and starting anew on New Year’s Day.

This past year, for a few of my friends with teens and young adults were in crisis. They have had to weather the storms of drug addiction, fight for rights in programs, in court praying that the judge will show mercy, to their youth experiencing physical violence.

A common question to God often thought out loud is, “How much more can I take?”

I can say without a doubt that every year that was tough, I got tougher.  Every year I prayed, the following year I prayed harder.  Every year that I thought my faith wasn’t enough, God stretched it.  I am not the same parent that I was five years ago.

So when a new year comes, I always look forward to saying goodbye to the past. I can reflect on how God brought us through some of the toughest storms.  And believe me, some of those storms left tsunamis in the aftermath.

That leaves one important question – How  do I survive the New Year?

  1. Go in it with thankfulness – Remember to thank the Lord for all that He has done for your child in the wake of the crises you have endured.  Give thanks that you won’t have to continue to ride the waves of crisis on your own.  God is there and will always guide you.
  2. Pray continuously – Pray morning, day or night.  My best times are on my way to work in the car and late at night when I retire to bed.  Use the Word of God as your prayers.  There is great power in them.  It also brings you comfort and a strong faith as you communicate with God.  
  3. Stand firm in your faith – No matter how bleak the situation looks, don’t start doubting.  If you don’t stand firm in your faith, you won’t be able to stand at all.  And that my friend, is the secret to seeing God move large obstacles in your child’s life.
  4. Recite God’s Word – The scriptures are like little prayers gifted by God in heaven.  When we recite them, they resonate from our lips and hearts up to the Lord.  The also break the chains that keep our teens/young adults captive in their crisis.  The more you use God’s Word, the more changes you will see in your child.
  5. Give Praise – from the little answers from prayer to the big ones.  Give praise to the One that has given you hope, peace and strength.  They will be an encouragement to you as you continue your walk as a parent of a hurting child.  

Now that you have these in place, you will be prepared for the New Year.  So go out and celebrate!  


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