Oh how her heart must have ached. She lost not just one son but two! Can you imagine having that kind of loss?  Can you imagine a child dying and another forsaking God? In the Old Testament of the Bible, there were quite a few hurting parents. One of them was Eve. 

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Is Parenting a Child in Crisis Destroying Your Marriage?

We have all heard of the roadblocks which hamper or destroy a marriage. Those three roadblocks of marital heartbreak are communication, finances, and sex. As a parent, there is another challenge that is missing on this list. Parenting a teen or young adult in crisis can also cause marital distress. 

Unfortunately, parenting woes do not offer road maps to figure out where to go and what to do. What parents do agree on is the fact that raising a child in crisis is one of the most stressful jobs ever. Of course, we must add to this the marital drama, pitfalls, accusations, silent treatment, and eventually a distance so wide, love in the marriage has taken a big detour.  

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Turning the Tide of Emotional Turbulence: Devotions for Parents with Teens and Young Adults in Crisis E-Book

45 Devotions on every emotion a parent goes through when they have a child in crisis. Read it while you are with your teen or young adult in the hospital or rehab. Read it on your phone, laptop, or IPad while you are taking a vacation getaway to rest from your turmoil and heartaches. Available now!

Father’s Day – A Journey of Love and Pain

As we all know, Father’s Day is Sunday. Social media is flooded with fathers posting fun-filled happy memories of the past and present with their sons and daughters.  However, not all fathers can rejoice and be glad.  There are many who are hurting, saddened, worried, and worn down by their child’s choices and dangerous behaviors and lifestyles.  How does one get through it? 

I could easily pass on a remedy of prayer, Bible reading, support groups, etc… Unfortunately, there are situations in which we try all of those things and yet our child goes deeper into turmoil and fears of death ponder our mind. 

There are fathers who have addicted children on heroin and other strong drugs.  There are fathers whose children are incarcerated.  There are fathers who don’t know where their child is and there are those who have a child battling mental illness with no hope on the horizon.  

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Have you ever felt numb and dead inside? Maybe it was an incident that left you shocked, bewildered, and speechless.  Quite possibly, a situation arose with your teen or young adult that shattered your dreams for them.  Perhaps your child requires so much of your energy, thinking, and emotions, you are left exhausted with nothing more to give. Maybe they caused you pain and your response was to just shutdown.

I have been there.  Sometimes, I even visit there from time to time. I often wonder to myself why I was left with so many burdens to carry because of my child in crisis.  From a teen to a young adult now, some of those crises enlarged or new ones evolved.  Some of those struggles were self-inflicted while others were not.

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