Slamming Her Head In Fear

Eating ice cream for the first time.

Eating ice cream for the first time.

Slamming her head into the floor over and over with hysterical crying, the helper in the toddler room frantically looked for me to come get her. It was only minutes beforehand that I had dropped her off to the class before entering the sanctuary for church.

I had not thought of what repercussions there would be just by dropping my daughter off to her Sunday school classroom at church. When I saw her banging her head as I entered the room, it dawned on me that she thought I had abandoned her into another orphanage and would never come back. She didn’t know how to articulate how she was feeling and hitting her head consistently on the hard floor was the only way she could say that she was upset. Continue reading

3D and Popcorn


Sounds good to have these things for a movie, but in actuality, they are not the topic of this story.  3D and Popcorn are my two cats.  Both abandoned, one outside found by my dog Dakota at 4 weeks of age, and the other uncared for by a hoarder.

I likened them to teens and part of the family.  Both abandoned and rejected by their parents.  Some of their siblings were accepted while they were left to fend for themselves.  Popcorn whom we received at 4 weeks of age was so hungry.  Like a teenager, they are hungry too, but for love.  Popcorn practically fell over by all the sniffing her new big brothers (our two dogs) were giving her and that was their way of accepting her.  As parents and siblings, we often show love by affection but some teens are not always ready to accept that affection.  Although we loved and adored and played with Popcorn, her personality is distant and only comes to you in her time of need.  Some teens have a beginning that has been founded by abandonment and rejection and they find it very difficult to respond in the same manner we give.  Sometimes that attachment is broken and they don’t have a comprehension of why they feel that way or even how to respond in a normal way that most people do.  It is foreign and uncomfortable to them. Continue reading