Twelve Year Olds – Sex Earlier and Rougher

Twelve Year Olds - Sex Earlier and Rougher - Anchor of Promise

I came across this article and sadly what I read is very true.  Having seen and heard this personally, 12 years is most likely the average range for exposure. But I believe that, even as young as 9-10 years old, girls are being peer pressured to the point that they fall into the traps of low self-esteem, body issues, porn, eating disorders and more.

If we as parents do not actively get involved in our daughter’s lives, they will lead a life of chaos, crisis and disaster.  Parents cannot sit idly by and think that their daughter has not been exposed to this pressure.

Grace (not her real name) started at the age of 9 when a boy made fun of her legs because she did not shave them.  One comment.  One opinion.  It rocked that little girl’s world and altered her life forever.

It could be the very essence of why your young teen is struggling with the issues that they have.  Take the time to read this so that you can be informed and quickly intervene to rescue your pre-teen from more harm.

12 Year Olds – Sex Rougher and Earlier





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Eating Healthy Turns Into A Lie

Have you ever heard the expression of “eating healthy” and that exercise is good for you?

Hear Jenny’s story of wanting to be healthy but surprisingly those positive words turned into lies and some serious body issues.

Kim’s photo’s – Art or Porn and It’s Impact on Our Teens

Kim's Photo's - Art or Porn and It's Impact on Our Teens - Anchor Of Promise
In light of the recent exposure of Kim Kardashian, many have voiced their opinions about whether or not it was acceptable.

No one really knows why Kim Kardashian chose this step but several questions that came to mind when I thought about this unveiling is – What was the goal and message of these viral photos and how will this impact our teens?

I don’t think anyone will truly understand the complete story or goal of why the photo’s needed to be taken in the first place.

What I do know is that a message, whether or not it was purposely thought of, was sent and how are we as parents going to confront and deal with that message. From my point of view as a mother, the message I received was this: Continue reading

Chew and Spit, Chew and Spit

Chew and Spit, Chew and Spit - Anchor Of Promise
She was only 17 years old but started at eight in learning how to control her weight. With huge issues at home that were beyond her ability to fix, she focused on one thing that she could control – chew and spit.

It only took one comment to set her off and she then became a part of the statistics in eating disorders. Weighing at 105 pounds, that was not enough. Her ideal weight was 70-75 pounds.

Most parents are aware of anorexia and bulimia. But many do not know about CHSP (Chewing and Spitting). The main purpose of CHSP is to eat all you want but never to swallow. It gratifies that taste that a teenager has in wanting those foods, however, they do not want the weight that goes with it. So they secretly do this behavior in their room, a car, or another private area. Simply put, they chew their meal and spit the food particles in a zip-locked bag to be thrown away or hidden for further usage. Continue reading

Cameron Russell (Model) Speaks Truth About Body Image

Every girl would love to be a model. A dream come true to many. However, there is a lie behind those pictures that young girls don’t know. Body issues are distorted today like never before among pre-teen/teen girls. We need to teach them about the true image of ourselves – a beauty made by God.