The Silent Epidemic in Our Teens

The Silent Epidemic in Our Teens - Anchor Of Promise

There is a silent epidemic happening in our country of young teens, most specifically male youths.  I call it silent because you don’t always see it. It is often hidden from others. In fact, it hides behind a facade that everything is okay, when in reality, something is brewing.

Here are some prime examples of this silent epidemic.

17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis killed 10 people in Santa Fe High School – he was supposedly bullied and rejected by a girl that he liked.  Noted as being quiet and to himself.

Nikolas Cruz slaughtered at least 17 students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS – a loner, supposedly had impulse issues, was bullied, had major losses in his life with the death of his parents.

A 15-year-old teen with the help of two friends, strangled and stabbed his mother to death in Maine because they moved.

16 year-old beats friend to death with baseball bat over jealousy of a girl he liked.–abc-news-topstories.html   

This silent epidemic is called Anger.  It’s an emotion that is in each and every one of us.  This includes growth spurting hormonal teenagers. Most teens express their anger through yelling, slamming doors, running off, or finding a place to be alone for hours.  Those types of responses are expected. However, for some teens, their anger differs. Their anger lingers and builds quietly, layer upon layer, with no filters or boundaries in place.   It lays dormant inside until an event triggers a volcanic eruption of violence that knows no limits. Continue reading

Is KIK Safe for Your Teen?

Is KIK Safe For Your Teen - Anchor Of Promise

The KIK App has now claimed another child’s life. In this situation, it was through the luring of a young, vulnerable and hurting teen who was looking for friendship and a source of support because of bullying in school.

Kik came on the scene about five years ago and today there are millions of app users with 20,000 added each day. It is a text messaging system that has become more like the sexting system. Pedophiles have said, “It is well known in our industry.”

Today, many young pre-teens and teens use social sites (such as Kik, Lline, Snapchat, etc…) to deal with the pain and struggle they are going through. In some cases, those same social sites are the cause of their crisis. In one such case, a young girl, Sydney- age 14, committed suicide because of what she was involved with through the app.

Recently, Nicole Lovell, age 13, used the app KIK when she had contact with an older man who talked her into climbing out her window to meet him. It wasn’t long after in which she was killed. This wasn’t the first time a young child was being lured away from their home. It has happened countless times using not just Kik but other social apps as well.

The FBI became involved and found that the KIK social app was the prime lead in the case for exposing the killer of Nicole Lovell.

To this day, many parents still do not know about KIK and how easily it is for predators to use it to lure your child to harm. Think of it this way. You can sign up with the app with a fake name or fake age. That in itself is the perfect opportunity for the predator to be safe from being caught.

Although the Kik Messenger was initially an adult app, it is becoming very popular with children as young as ten to older teen age.

Police have seen an increase of incidents of children/teens being sent porn by predators on this app. It is also the number one problem app that encourages predator behavior. There are other issues such as sexting, blackmail, threats of self or towards others, pressure to take nude pics of self and forward.

Kik Messenger hosts within its app over 400 mini apps. They range from games, hook ups and even anonymous confessions. Because they haven’t been proven to be safe, they could also contain porn.

Just like many other apps, there is no age range to control. Therefore, no matter how you try to put any filters or controls on this app, it will not block or work. The only way to control it is to delete it.

Because it is not regulated or screened appropriately, many kids are being sent porn before they can block the images or be caught in a pedophile or predator predicament.

There are many more problematic issues within this app and sadly that leaves many more children and teens prone to predators, porn, and even death, such as the case of Nicole from Virginia.

So what can you do as a parent –
1. Talk to your teen about the dangers of this app and share Nicole and Sydney’s story. Let us not forget these young girls who lost their lives. May their lives speak to save others.
2. Educate yourself. Eventually teens will move onto the next big social site. You need to know everything about them.
3. Delete these apps. But if you find that some are okay by your standards, it is still important to set the privacy settings. Instagram and other social platforms (Kik has no parental controls/privacy settings) share your name. pics, and personalization for anyone to see or steal. Information has been easily obtained through Instagram and other social sites by strangers so you need to check what settings are available in each app.
4. You should create all passwords and do phone checks for apps. Your child needs to understand the dangerous position they could easily expose themselves to. You are also the main one who pays for the phone. Therefore, it is your duty as a parent to step in and do whatever is necessary to make sure that your child remains protected.
5. Help your children/teen understand that when they send sexting messages or images, they also would be under the law which could cause a fine or time in jail and be on record as a pedophile. It is a serious issue and crime. If you suspect that your child is already speaking to someone older, take the phone away and get the police involved. Then call a counselor. Your child/teen and even family may need one.
6. Pray for God to give you wisdom, discernment and protection over your child/teen. They are a gift and we should see that they are well taken are of.

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Moms Speak Up About Bullying

Bullying is becoming a major issue among pre-teens and teens which carries into their adulthood if we as parents don’t step in and give our kids a voice and a support team. Hope for Hurting Parents understand this issue all too well. I encourage you to read this post and find the resources you need to overcome bullying.

Hope For Hurting Parents

Were you bullied as a child or teenager? Are you a parent who suspects your child is being bullied? The dictionary defines bullying as physical, verbal, or psychological aggression or harassment toward others, with the goal of gaining power over or dominating them. If you were treated like this when you were younger, then you remember what it felt like. You know how damaging it can be.

bullying2Some victims become so despondent they become suicidal. A child or young teen might say, “I just wish I could go away and never come back”. Completed suicides directly related to being bullied are rising in number every day. This is such a tragedy.

I’m writing a book about my experiences as the mom of a daughter who has been bullied. She eventually developed addictions, mental health issues (brain disorders) and self-injury. Since this is part of her story, I dedicated a chapter…

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