Guest Post: A Healing Environment by Nathana Clay

Guest Post - A Healing Environment by Nathana Clay - Anchor Of Promise

Last week I was filling up the water cooler for youth group when one of our 16-year-old girls came into the kitchen. She leaned back against the counter, looked at the ground, and said “Danny and I broke up.” No small talk, just straight to the center of her hurting heart. Continue reading

Before Calling A Counselor For Your Teen

Before Calling a Counselor For Your Teen - Anchor Of Promise

Sitting in the office in front of the woman counselor, she was shy and withdrawn. This was her second visit. Her long locks of deep black hair cascading down her shoulders and back helped protect the inner emotions she was feeling.

“Why are you wearing a wig?” said the counselor. “You know, the only ones who should be wearing wigs are the young girls who have cancer. Could you take yours off?”

Thankfully my daughter had enough guts within her to say no and that was the last time she saw that counselor.

This woman counselor did not even take the time to really understand this teen, let alone the reason why she was wearing a wig in the first place. If she was a really good counselor, she would have never asked her to take it off or to give her guilt for wearing one in the first place.

Finding a good counselor, well, is hard to find. We did eventually find the best but I wanted to share with you what I have learned and how to get the right kind of counselor for you. Continue reading