He Said All the Right Things That Changed Her Life

He Said All the Right Things That Changed Her Life - Anchor Of Promise

She had a huge crush on the boy. She was only 9 but he was much older. A mere 14 years of age but old enough to know what he was doing. Picking up on the fact that she didn’t feel good about herself, he honed in on her crush and took advantage of it.

Opportunities presented themselves in which on-line chats were formed. He told her how pretty she was and that no one would love her the way he did. He said all the right words for her to hear. Feeling so unworthy at such a young age, she soaked up the praises being bestowed upon her and was willing to do anything in return for his devotion.

Then it happened. This day she could do something for him. This was not how she wanted to make him happy, but she felt obligated because he was so kind to her.

“I want you to take off your shirt,” he said. She balked at the idea because it felt so wrong to her. But then, she had changed her mind. Why? “If you don’t do this, I will kill you and your family. I have done a lot for you. I’m your master now. You have no one but me because I know the real you. So do what I say,” he threatened. Continue reading

ELLO, it’s more like GOODBYE!

Ello, It's More Like Goodbye - Anchor Of Promise

Recently a new site has been making waves to out-do the most infamous social site, Facebook. With ELLO in the wings to take upon those who have flown the coop from Facebook, it has also been making quite a few choices that are sending red flags to parents.

Although ELLO is now apparently an “invitation only” site, that will not stop teens from finding a way on there. One of the biggest issues for parents is the acceptance of Porn on the site. To quote Ello’s posting rules –

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Used to describe Internet content generally inappropriate for the typical workplace, i.e., would not be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues (as opposed to SFW, Safe For Work) flagging in is development. This policy will go into effect as soon as flagging is completed. We respect the diverse views of the Ello community. Not everyone wants to see porn. If you regularly post adult-oriented content, please respect those in our community who do not wish to see it by flagging your profile NSFW. Continue reading

The Silent Danger

If you think your pre-teen or teen is safe against pedophiles on the internet, think again.  Although they will use the computer to get to your child, they can also use texting and cam on their cell phone or have communication through the local library.  It only takes one click.  One picture.  Pre-teens and teens are more vulnerable to pedophiles when their self-esteem is extremely low, or they are very lonely or feel unloved.  Make sure to communicate as much as possible with your kids and help them make wise choices.



Top Eight Reasons to Keep an Eye On Your Teen - Anchor Of Promise
In an ever growing world of cybermania, teens are becoming more and more updated with the latest craze or addiction.  I recently came across several articles that blew my mind away as to how deviant, distorted, and crazy our world has become by only looking at the sites and trends that our teens are now into.

Most recently, my daughter was asked to join a site called KIK. Once you register, you can begin posting pics and doing chats. She didn’t know much about the site so she went along with it because her friend begged her to spend more chat time with her. She wasn’t even on a full 15 minutes and she came across quite a few half nude pictures of other teens posting themselves for all to see. She was shocked. But there is more. You can send private messages that your parents can’t see as well as sexting. In fact, your child could be corresponding with a predator and not even know it. And worse, the parent or the teen would not be able to identify who it is on the other end.

The other day we were talking about this situation and I began to ask my daughter if she knew any of the sites or trends on my list that would be a major concern for a lot of parents. She was aware of a few, but others she had never heard of. She knows how to get around on the computer and her cell but nowadays new sites and trends are popping up all the time and it is hard to keep up. It was only about 6 months ago that I had mentioned on one of my other posts about a few of these sites and lo and behold, a bunch more cropped up that I had never heard of. Continue reading