There Are Always Signs But Do We Always See Them?

There Are Always Signs, But Do We Always See Them - Anchor Of Promise

In a recent interview with Barbara Walters, Peter Rodger, the father of Elliot Rodger who killed 6 and wounded 13 others, said that he never saw the signs that something was severely wrong.

Peter and his wife truly believed with all of their heart that their son’s issues would not take him to the mental state that he had succumbed to. And I believe that to be true to a degree. With Elliot living on his own, away from daily interactions with his parents, it was even more difficult to diagnose how Elliot’s mind had digressed.

However, I must say this. The signs were there and all along, even going back to the age of 7 when his parents divorced. That was the ultimate turning point in this young man’s life in which his parents had noticed the change, enough to seek help for him. Did his parents understand the severity of Elliot’s issues? No, not to the degree that ended his life and the life of others.

If parents don’t know what they are looking for or what the signs could easily turn into if not carefully monitored, it is easy for them to not see the troubling issues that were obviously forming for some time in this young man’s life. Many parents think that because there are no outward signs such as rebellious behavior or acting out, then there is nothing wrong altogether. But the truth is, that doesn’t matter when it comes to a significant and serious psychological issue. The only way of knowing for sure is acting on what you do know to be wrong and to get your child diagnosed. Continue reading

The Door


During my own struggles not only as a parent of a teen in trouble, but also as an adult under extreme stress and depression, it was hard to take control of the serious issues facing me when I was not even able to cope with my own personal crisis.

In the midst of my deep depression, God had given me a dream.  Little did I realize that this dream would be the catalyst to my healing.  It was so powerful that when I wrote it down, it was written as part dream and part reality.  I have added it to my blog under the page called, “The Door”.

Although God has brought great healing in my life since then, as well as for my teen, I found from speaking with others that they too were barely holding on to hope.  So, I have recently felt led to share this story publicly so that others would find that they are not alone.  There is an answer.  There is hope.

Below is a small excerpt from “The Door” and my prayer is that you will find a part of you in this story along with an answer that gives healing, peace and joy.


Feeling my own presence next to him, I stared at a mirrored reflection of myself across the vast room. I continued to watch him from the view of the mirror. His glowing, sharp, amber eyes were steadfast, strong and yet unapproachable. One could not help but stare at his eyes but still be careful in not getting caught. How in the world did I get here? Why was he allowing me to be with him when in a split second I could be devoured in his abyss? I did not dare to question it. I only kept silent, waiting for his next move.

The joyfulness and slow rhythmic pounding of this beast’s body hitting the floor was strong. He was taking pleasure in my obedience. What will this cost me? Part of me knows I am playing dangerously, but the pull is strong. So strong, that if I had a choice to leave or stay, I was willing to stay.

The next two years that followed I lived in this seductive world. Each day passing brought me new decisions to face, to live in fantasy or reality. It drove me in ways that took me to new places of my mentality that I had never taken before. I lived on the edge or lived just within the border of safety.

At Age 6, Suicide Was His Only Option

At Age 5, Suicide Was His Only Option

On June 3rd of 2013, an angry little 6 yr. old boy from Idaho took off his belt, tied it around the handle of the freezer and hung himself. This was not his first attempt at suicide. Sad to say, this time it was his last because he succeeded. Although he might not have understood the ramifications of his act, he was deliberate in his actions.

The history of this little boy showed major anger issues stemming from the divorce of his parents. Although it is a rare occurrence in children this young, what are not so rare are the many pre-teens and teens that are in similar cases of crisis today. Continue reading

1000 Ways

1000 Ways - Anchor Of Promise

Why and how this program ended up on television is surprising, but unbelievably it became one of the deterrents regarding suicide for my teen after watching it. I wouldn’t promote it for anything or encourage your teenager to watch it but 1,000 Ways to Die became the show to see several years ago.

It graphically demonstrated stories of real life deaths embellished with Hollywood entertainment to make it more sellable to the public for viewing. Although there is quite a bit of violence due to the nature of the show and some sexual content to it as well, thematically the idea was about how we deal with death almost every day. With germs, accidents, illnesses, catastrophic events, we are still miraculously living, hence the name 1,000 Ways to Die. Beyond that, we are left to ask if it was to curtail and help prevent suicide or was it to glorify the science and sometimes mythology in it? Continue reading