Saving Boo


Saving Boo - Anchor Of Promise

Looking at the clock, she had at least another two hours before picking up Boo. Lovingly nicknamed Boo from the Monster’s Inc. movie, her daughter was sure a handful.

Almost an adult now, she allowed Boo to make more responsible decisions. She tried hard to teach Boo what she needed to know before she was really on her own out in the big bad world. She covered all the tough topics and even had a few crises here or there with Boo, but as time wore on, she felt Boo was making more wise choices about her life.

Looking down at the computer to finish her letter, the phone started to ring. She noticed it was Boo calling in. Most likely she wanted something or wanted to be picked up early from her friend’s house. Little did she know, it wouldn’t be her daughter on the other end of the line.

“Boo is sick and wants you to pick her up,” said her friend.
“Okay, I’ll be right there,” she said.

Not thrilled about the 25 minute drive, she got into the car and drove to the friend’s house. Tired and ready to get home after pulling into the driveway, the friend came out of the house and walked up to the car.

“You need to come inside,” she said.

Not knowing what to think, Boo’s mother went into the house where she saw the friend’s parent at the doorway. This parent was only informed that Boo was not feeling well. Encouraged to go up the steps to the friend’s bedroom, she turned the corner and immediately knew that Boo’s life was at risk. Continue reading