Milestones: Bridging the Gaps

This is a very powerful story of overcoming the odds and still be in the healing process. Foster Children suffer from so much loss, hurt, pain, shame and more. We can change this! Please look into foster care and change a child’s life. If I had not adopted my two girls from an orphanage, they would have either been on the streets or sold into the sex slavery market. These children need hope, need love, need a home with a mom and dad.

Finicky Philly

My little girl graduated from 5th grade last week. As I watched her eyes look for me in the crowd over the dozens of families strewn together, it occurred to me that being her anchor has indeed saved me.

Sharing moments with her and for her, my only real familial connection, heals me. When I was a child in foster care, milestones such as graduations, birthdays  holidays, events were something I wanted to avoid. And here I was last week and hundreds of times over the past decade, slowly overcoming the feeling that I had nothing that really belonged to me by sharing milestones for her.

Me. the first year I entered foster care. Me. the first year I entered foster care.

For children in foster care, all seems temporary, haphazard, confusing; they are sometimes forgotten in the shuffle of the system and courts. I was no different. I was put in foster care at age 5 after…

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God Blessed Me with 2 Broken Hearts

God Blessed Me with 2 Broken Hearts - Anchor Of Promise

They came from orphanages in a far off land. For one child, the back and forth motion helped stimulate her physical and emotional being as if she was rocking to the beat of a song. She cried after each 3 bottled meals a day at 9 months: One bottle of chicken broth, one bottle of tea, and lastly a bottle of bread floating in water.

There were twenty-five to thirty children per worker in a room who hardly touched them other than to change their soiled cloth diapers.  This was the most attention they received for the entire day. After laying in the diaper for hours and hours, they would be stripped and rinsed off in ice cold water and left with what looked like cigarette burns below their waist and onto their bottoms from the dirty clothes.

Her sister at 27 months old, didn’t know any language or even how to crawl or walk. Tears would flow after every meal given to her. Her fears of not knowing if she would get more food frightened her and would cause her to hoard and steal if necessary. Continue reading

You’re Not My Dad!

You're Not My Dad - Anchor Of Promise
For the past 5 years our daughter’s relationship with her father was a strained one. Having been left behind in an orphanage at 27 months of age without being able to speak or walk, the toll on her emotions and attachment towards others, especially her father, was not what we expected.

We really noticed the changes when comments were made of how he wasn’t her “real” father and that she wouldn’t accept him as her “real” father until she met her birth father in another country. Only then would she make the decision as to whether or not to carry on a relationship with her adoptive and only father that she has ever known. Continue reading


Runaway - Anchor Of Promise

Realizing that she was gone, I sped to my car throwing the keys into the ignition and raced down the street at full speed.

Dressed in black, my car lights were still able to track her down. Slamming the brakes once she was in sight, I threw the car into PARK and swung open the door.

I nearly fell onto the ground as I tried to run after her. Picking up speed I grabbed her arm and pull her towards me. Trying to fight me off, I held more tightly until I was in a deep bear hug.

“I love you! Please, this isn’t the answer. I’m not letting go because you are that important to us. Let’s get through this together.” I said. She broke down crying as I lifted her up and carried her back to the car.

It was going to be another sleepless night as I hid the keys to the house doors. Again I was praying that this would come to an end. Continue reading