17, Engaged, and Her Reasons for Being Gay

17, Engaged, and Her Reasons for Being Gay - Anchor of Promise

About a year ago, I worked at a toy store as a part-time sales person. I needed to get my feet wet in the working world because I knew eventually I would need to go full-time which I am doing now.

During that period, I worked side by side with a lot of young people. Yes, I was the oldest employee there – ha! But I admit I loved talking to customers and demonstrating the toys, especially the ball-handled scooters and the E-Z rollers which are so much fun.

Being around young people on a daily basis, conversations of different topics came easily.  If the timing is right and a person is open enough to share about their life, stories evolve and you begin to learn a lot about that person.  It is even more interesting when that person is Kate at seventeen. Continue reading