A Film to Help Those with Trauma and Mental Illness

The film’s producers are partnering with Key Ministry and other mental health organizations to help bring awareness to these issues and to help lead individuals struggling with mental illness and trauma, along with their loved ones, to the resources and assistance they need to lead as full and healthy a life as possible.

via Wildflower…a conversation starter for the church on trauma and mental illness — Church4EveryChild

Mental Illnesses and Disorders in Parents of Teens in Crisis

Mental Illnesses and Disorders in Parents of Teens in Crisis - Anchor Of Promise
It is difficult alone to parent a teen in crisis, but to be a parent with a mental illness or disorder and raising a teen in crisis is much more difficult.

About two years ago I met a mom who shared with me her struggles with her bi-polar daughter who self-harmed. To make matters worse, she herself struggled with physical health issues, a mental illness, deep depression and suicidal thoughts. She was very frank and open about her own problems and knew that she wasn’t able to handle her daughter. Continue reading

What is PTSD and Does My Teen Have It?

What is PSTD and Does My Teen Have It? -Anchor Of Promise


Although medical professionals were inundated with many veteran patients who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in past wars, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that there was a more formal definition of this illness.

The public’s view of PTSD is that only war veterans are diagnosed with this disorder. Even to this day, if you mention this disorder, most would immediately link it to the war.

In the last decade the definition of PTSD has broaden from the traumas of war veterans to experiences or witnessing of a life-threatening event such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or physical or sexual assault in adult or childhood.

It can also occur for those in the foster care system and adopted children who have struggled with placement and abandonment issues. I could easily add bullying in this category as well. Continue reading

The New Mental Health Scare for Parents!

The New Mental Health Scare for Parents! - Anchor Of PromiseIn New Jersey, a law will soon be in the books that will cut parents out of mental health decisions. Noted in the MadInAmerica.com site, The Hoboken Patch and PolitickerNJ reported that the New Jersey State Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would allow teens to “consent” to psychiatric or psychological treatment of any kind without the consent — or even the knowledge — of their parents. Continue reading

The struggles of kids with mental illness in a sexualized culture

Mental illness mixed in with sexual relationships is toxic and dangerous. Dr.Grcevich explains how much these young people truly need to know what real love is, the love of Christ to help them in their struggles and fill the need of wanting to be loved.


shutterstock_113334331I just had another teen patient hauled off to the hospital following the end of a sexual relationship.

When teens who struggle with mental illness find themselves engaged in sexual relationships, there’s lots of danger involved. As a physician specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry, I should know. Their parents frequently bring them to our practice with the hope that we can help to keep them alive. Some of them experience same-sex attraction and face unique challenges, especially when they struggle to reconcile their biological drives and the messages of the culture with (in many instances) the teaching they’ve been exposed to from their parents and from the church.

There are reasons why we have laws against 14 year olds driving cars, or 17 year olds buying alcohol. We don’t permit this behavior because we question whether kids at that age have the necessary judgment and emotional maturity to exercise such…

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