My Life In Pieces – Healing for the Abused and Broken


I was introduced to Alice many years ago.  Funny, interesting, creative, and eventually a good friend, her heart was BIG and caring. She loved the Lord with her very being.  Behind those wonderful characteristics however, she was raised with a dark past that no one would want to go through.  Growing up, her life was filled with satanic ritual abuse that evolved into dissociative mental disorder.

Very few knew the details of her life.  She was one of strength, courage, and more importantly, her dedication to Christ to whom she gave her life to. This was a decision she never regretted, as she often said, “Without God, I would be dead.”  Alice was no longer a victim but a survivor in Christ Jesus. Courageously, her life showed what the power of God can do.  This is her story.

If you are the parent of a teen or young adult with a mental illness, disorder, or abused and broken, this book is for you.

Satanists Advice for Troubled Teens

Satanists Advice for Troubled Teens - Anchor Of Promise

She called herself a counselor for troubled teens.  At least that is what she stated on her facebook.  I had been researching for a specific post that I had planned to write regarding the cult and how hurting teens can be easily lured and influenced to join the dark side.

I had never imagined that I would see something so blatantly out there towards teens, especially towards Christian teens.  Shocked and speechless, my breathing accelerated as the anger inside of me rose up.

She was callous, deceiving, manipulative and daring.  She had no fear of the words she used on her facebook to draw in troubled teens and encourage the taking down of Christians in general.

To help you understand, here is a piece that she posted on one of her latest facebook messages. Continue reading