Have You Let Porn Into Your Home?

Please Don't Give Them Porn For Christmas - Anchor Of Promise

Tim Challies has written a great article Please Don’t Give Them Porn For Christmas regarding how easy it is for porn to be welcomed into your home and into your kids/teens lives.  I have discussed this lightly in one of my other posts, but because Christmas is only days away, one of the biggest challenges we as parents face is the ease and ability with technology that our children have at their fingertips.

We buy gifts such as phones, laptops, ipads, etc… not even thinking that we just handed our kids the key to view porn.  When I got my teen her own phone one year, I was shocked at the amount of porn apps available to see.  She didn’t even have to click the app and there it was in full view – half clothed men and women in very seductive porn poses.

The porn industry has gotten so good in pushing porn among our kids that they now make available to purchase apps to actually hide the porn app that they are using so that no parent can find out.  We must be vigilant in protecting your kids/teens from this since the average age of seeing porn for the first time ranges anywhere from 9-13.  I would encourage you to not only read Tim Challies’ article but also look into the program called Covenant Eyes that helps protect the family from the porn world.  I have personally used Covenant Eyes and it is great.  He provides that information as well on his blog.

So the next time you make a purchase, learn as much as you can about how to block apps from being used on any device you give to your child.

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Shelley’s Story – One That You Won’t Forget

I recently posted the story of the teen daughter who wrote a letter to her father about his choices of viewing porn and how it affected her and destroyed their family.  That post received a lot of views.  So that in essence speaks volumes that porn is a serious issue in today’s family.  As a parent of a teen, I would encourage you to view this video with your teenagers so that they can understand the destructive  impact that porn causes.  I guarantee, it will leave a powerful impression. 

If you want to know more about how to help someone that is into porn or is in the porn industry, please click this link.  The Pink Cross Organization

Dear Dad…I found your porn on the computer when I was 12

An Open Letter To My Porn-Watching Dad - Anchor Of Promise

Whether you as a dad think that porn is only an issue for you and it doesn’t affect anyone else, please have the guts to read this one letter.  It just may save your life, your family and your marriage.

An Open Letter to the Dad looking at Porn

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Kim’s photo’s – Art or Porn and It’s Impact on Our Teens

Kim's Photo's - Art or Porn and It's Impact on Our Teens - Anchor Of Promise
In light of the recent exposure of Kim Kardashian, many have voiced their opinions about whether or not it was acceptable.

No one really knows why Kim Kardashian chose this step but several questions that came to mind when I thought about this unveiling is – What was the goal and message of these viral photos and how will this impact our teens?

I don’t think anyone will truly understand the complete story or goal of why the photo’s needed to be taken in the first place.

What I do know is that a message, whether or not it was purposely thought of, was sent and how are we as parents going to confront and deal with that message. From my point of view as a mother, the message I received was this: Continue reading

He Said All the Right Things That Changed Her Life

He Said All the Right Things That Changed Her Life - Anchor Of Promise

She had a huge crush on the boy. She was only 9 but he was much older. A mere 14 years of age but old enough to know what he was doing. Picking up on the fact that she didn’t feel good about herself, he honed in on her crush and took advantage of it.

Opportunities presented themselves in which on-line chats were formed. He told her how pretty she was and that no one would love her the way he did. He said all the right words for her to hear. Feeling so unworthy at such a young age, she soaked up the praises being bestowed upon her and was willing to do anything in return for his devotion.

Then it happened. This day she could do something for him. This was not how she wanted to make him happy, but she felt obligated because he was so kind to her.

“I want you to take off your shirt,” he said. She balked at the idea because it felt so wrong to her. But then, she had changed her mind. Why? “If you don’t do this, I will kill you and your family. I have done a lot for you. I’m your master now. You have no one but me because I know the real you. So do what I say,” he threatened. Continue reading