Talking to parents about eating disorders and self-harm

Parents – Are you willing to listen when a child has something very heavy on their heart to tell you? Here is a great story to show you that a parent’s love knows no bounds and that being supportive can be a changing factor in the healing process for their child’s life.

Fighting to Find Myself

Last week was one of the most challenging weeks that I have ever had to face in my life. I had to face the challenge of telling my parents about my mental illnesses. I was dreading it for months but I knew that they needed to know about it, and there’s no better time than the present, right? Right.

I had been worrying for months about how to tell them and how much to tell them. I didn’t think it would be possible for them to understand. I thought for sure that they would be mad, but I was wrong.

The amount of love and support that my parents showed me was incredible; it was unpredictable. I had imagined every possible worst case scenario in my mind but never once did it cross my mind that my parents would be 100% supportive. Turns out I should have had more faith…

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Self Harm: It Isn’t Just Cutting!

Self-Harm: It Isn't Just Cutting - Anchor Of Promise
There is a show called, “Strange Addictions” that covers a huge gamut of self-prescribed addictive behaviors from licking the fur off of a cat and eating it, stinging yourself with bees or even sniffing/snorting moth balls. Although there were many other strange and peculiar self-harming addictions, some common factors stood out.

Many found their addiction as a way of coping with other issues in their life. Secondly, some of these types of addictions also suffered from other mental health disorders. When listening to their stories, they often mention a pivotal point in their life that triggered this issue. Continue reading

20 Warning signs of Self-harm

From someone who understands about self-harm up close, this is a great post.

Fighting to Find Myself

There are quite a few misconceptions regarding self-harm, one of which being the idea that self-harm is for attention. However, the majority of individuals who self-harm will go to great lengths to hide their struggles. For this reason, I feel that it is important to share some of the warning signs that someone is self-harming because many individuals will not know what to look for. This list is based on my own experiences with self-harm and the common warning signs that my friends saw in me. My family still does not know about my struggles with self-harm; however, if someone gave them this list I’m sure a lot of things would start to make sense. So, if you suspect someone you know is self-harming, here are some things you can look for:

  1. Unexplained cuts (often in a linear/parallel pattern), bruises, burns, or broken bones
  2. Unexplained groupings of scars
  3. Numerous scars/cuts/wounds…

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Great advice if you have someone in your life that struggles with self-harm.


Causes of self harm
The causes of self harm are the things that set it off in the first place – not necessarily what makes the individual continue to self harm.
The causes of self harm may be:
• bullying
• abuse (sexual, emotional or physical)
• neglect
• school/work pressures
• family financial difficulties
• housing problems
• relationship troubles
• family problems
• bereavement
• loneliness/isolation
• eating disorders
• drug/alcohol problems
• coming to terms with sexuality
…or any experience or event that causes negative feelings, thoughts and tensions.

Quite a lot of these reasons are common occurrences in today’s society and are not always preventable. As parents we struggle with feelings of guilt and inadequacy when we discover that our child has been self harming. There is so much depth to emotional problems that the cause of your child’s self harm may not be the one you…

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