Is Your Teen in Crisis a Target for the Sex Trade?

Is Your Teen in Crisis a Target For the Sex Trade - Anchor Of Promise
According to, there are 4.5 million young girls and boys across the globe who are sex trafficked. In the United States alone there are between 100-300,000 teens and children trafficked ranging from the ages of 9-19 with the average age of 11.

Many parents have this assumption that it doesn’t happen in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, that is not true. In fact, it happens in small quaint towns just as much as the big cities. The sex trafficking trade is becoming more daring. Previously their targets were runaways and the homeless. Today, they are reaching out in boldness, enough to take young people right from their driveways.

Many parents who have struggling and hurting teens do not realize that there may be a possibility that someone else is paying just as much attention to them too.

Pimps have become very good at profiling young girls (and boys). They know exactly who to target and manipulate as their next victim. So who are these sex traffickers? Continue reading

They Didn’t Quit Knocking

  • 27 million people are modern-day slaves across the world.
  • 1 million children are exploited by the sex trade every year.
  • The sex trade is a $32 billion dollar industry.

*Stats via the Polaris Project