Sibling Abuse

Sibling Abuse - Anchor Of Promise

He slammed her into the corner and began to punch her in the chest. Screaming for help, her mother came running and immediately laid down the law that you do not hit a girl and even more so, your sister.

Sadly, this is more common than you think. So common that they gave a name for it – Sibling Abuse.

Now you may think that this is normal for siblings to argue, throw some swinging fists or say mean things, because after all, they are kids. To prove my point on this, my brother and I were major fans of the show, The Three Stooges. We loved it so much that when the commercial break came on, we practiced every move they made on the show. Continue reading

Siblings Can Be in Their Own Crisis Too!

Siblings Can Be In Their Own Crisis Too - Anchor Of Promise
A perspective that is not normally focused on is how siblings handle someone in crisis within the family home and its effects on them. I chose to do an informal Q & A with my oldest daughter (BJ) who had to deal with a sibling in crisis so that parents could get a view into their world and understand how it impacts their lives as well. Continue reading