Children, Suicide, and Gun Control

Children, Suicide, and Gun Control - Anchor of Promise
Ian was preparing for school when a behavioral issue popped up and was sent to his room. His emotional capacity was not able to decipher or understand the consequences of what he was about to do next.

Ian took his life at the age of ten. His mother would have never contemplated this chain of events. No parent suspects their child to take their life. Continue reading

From Suicide to a Life of Pain

From Suicide to a Life of Pain - Anchor Of Promise

When my daughter was nine, she would play on a game called Fantage.  It was a cute cartoon game that encouraged fun, imagination, and pretend.  They of course had parental controls in which you could oversee your child’s time on the game as well as how much contact they could have with others.

They were good at making sure curse words or any sexual innuendo did not take place.  But kids as they are today, find ways to get around that despite how child-like this game is.  With little chat bubbles, friends would follow each other around Fantage, playing games, meeting up with new pals, and buying the latest craze at the store with their ecoins.

One day however, a so-called new friend started to meet my daughter in the Fantage cartoon world and requested she go on another chat game without my knowledge.  This new chat place had a video chat in which you could see a live person.  That day changed my daughter’s life forever.  Continue reading

It’s OKAY to Talk About Your Feelings

It's OKAY to Talk About Your Feelings - Anchor Of Promise

Does your teen know it’s okay to talk about the emotions they have when they feel lost, depressed, sad, and hopeless?

On July 31, rugby player Luke Ambler said this, “My brother-in-law killed himself back in April and it was completely out of the blue.”

Because it left his family devastated, he felt that something needed to be done.  So he created the Andy’s Man Club in the United Kingdom.

Wanting other men to not be afraid to talk about their feelings or about suicide, he took a selfie of himself using the OK hand symbol to let others know that it IS okay to talk about how you feel.

According to the CDC, males take their own lives at nearly four times the rate of females and represent 77.9% of all suicides (2015 Suicide Data Sheet).

This is partially due to the fact that young boys/men don’t normally share their feelings.  In fact, they feel uncomfortable in doing so.  To teens/young men, showing emotions such as sadness or depression is a sign of weakness.  Women on the other hand, are encouraged to share their feelings and how crying or sadness is acceptable.

Fathers and men of humbleness and strength can change this attitude.  They can encourage that talking about their struggles, their weaknesses, and their sadness is a part of empowering them.  It releases the pent up emotional toll that they have been carrying.  With a message like this being shared by a man, that gives young male teens and men the permission to share their hurts and pain without shame.

This is the first big step in curbing suicidal tendencies.  With Suicide Prevention this week, let’s spread the news that YES! It’s OKAY to talk about your emotions, feelings, struggles, hurts and pain.

“Me Before You” Movie – Suicide Glamorized for Disabled

"Me Before You" Movie - Suicide Glamorized for Disabled - Anchor Of Promise

When I first saw the previews for “Me Before You” movie, the plot or point of it was not really defined.  Upon further investigation, it left me disturbed by its encouraging romantic ideology that suicide is beautiful and loving for the disabled.

The dictionary definition of disabled is as follows:   incapacitated by illness or injury; also :  physically or mentally impaired in a way that substantially limits activity especially in relation to employment or education.

This definition means differently in other countries.  For example, in Belgium, a disability could mean having depression, an eating disorder, or some other malady that could cause doctors, government and even parents justification for assisted euthanasia.  These types of disabilities can be helped and even cured.

Belgium Signs Child Euthanasia Bill into Law Continue reading