The Phone Call

The Phone Call - Anchor Of Promise

While being busy at home, I received a phone call.  Saying hello several times and not hearing a reply, I listened to see if I could figure out who was calling.  To my surprise it was someone that I knew. They had no idea that their cell phone accidentally automated my phone number.

After yelling in the phone to gain their attention, I quickly realized that my voice was too weak to be heard.  Without being nosy, the sound of a parent’s voice unveiled their struggling crisis.

The parent was telling a family relative how embarrassing it was to have their teen in a mental hospital because they tried to commit suicide.  They used the words “loony bin” and “crazy” to define their teen’s situation.  The relative was compassionate, understanding and supportive but couldn’t supply the answers this single parent needed.

It was obvious that this parent was now in a battle against a mountain of emotions and future decision making.  Not wanting to infringe on someone’s privacy, I chose to not listen any longer and hung up the phone.

My heart sank and I felt so burdened for this parent.  They were grieving in so many ways.   It boggled their mind in questions as to why their teen would even think consider suicide when their large family had so much love to give to this teen.   Continue reading

A Few Helpful Resources on Suicide for Families

I cannot begin to comprehend or feel the loss of losing a loved one from suicide. I am thankful for Hope For Hurting Parents Resources in which they can help you in so many ways in dealing with that loss and find healing from your pain and help guide you through your difficult journey.

Hope For Hurting Parents

SunsetAre you a parent, grandparent – or some other family member – who has been impacted by the suicide of someone you loved? I just finished a three-part series on suicide discussing the warning signs and a simple three-step strategy of suicide prevention, QPR, that is saving lives.

Today I thought I would share a few more resources I’ve found to help you cope and process your loss. Maybe you haven’t been personally affected by this national tragedy, but you want to understand it better and know how to help a friend. More than likely, some day, you will be impacted by this type of unspeakable loss. If you’ve found other resources you like, please comment and share them with us!

Grief Share Support Groups and Seminars – a 12 week, faith-based grief recovery group curriculum

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Wake Up! Your Teen Is Trying To Tell You Something!

Wake Up! Your Teen is Trying to Tell You Something! - Anchor Of Promise

The above quote was by my daughter in the height of her depression and suicidal tendencies. As a parent, it was difficult to hear but also eye-opening at the same time. What she shared is very true to how teens feel.

This month all across the nation is focusing on the awareness of suicide. It is not a topic that people like to discuss. It has in many years been a very taboo type of issue and the less talked about the less to deal with.

However, because of that attitude, many more teens and young adults are taking their lives like never before. To be honest, many parents don’t even know that their teen is struggling with depression or suicidal issues. Teens often will hide how they truly feel for many different reasons and parents become either in denial of what is happening around them or they truly don’t see the signs that are a part of this problem.

Teens that have friends who have taken their lives are also susceptible to suicide. Between the loss of a friend to their own frailty of life, their thoughts are heightened to another level of how they will begin to cope with what lies ahead. If they are already experiencing depression or any other mental illness, this will only precipitate those emotions and actions of suicide. Distorted thoughts and unrealistic ideation only adds to this dilemma when many times through movies suicide is glorified or even beautiful up to the very end. Continue reading