Saving Boo


Saving Boo - Anchor Of Promise

Looking at the clock, she had at least another two hours before picking up Boo. Lovingly nicknamed Boo from the Monster’s Inc. movie, her daughter was sure a handful.

Almost an adult now, she allowed Boo to make more responsible decisions. She tried hard to teach Boo what she needed to know before she was really on her own out in the big bad world. She covered all the tough topics and even had a few crises here or there with Boo, but as time wore on, she felt Boo was making more wise choices about her life.

Looking down at the computer to finish her letter, the phone started to ring. She noticed it was Boo calling in. Most likely she wanted something or wanted to be picked up early from her friend’s house. Little did she know, it wouldn’t be her daughter on the other end of the line.

“Boo is sick and wants you to pick her up,” said her friend.
“Okay, I’ll be right there,” she said.

Not thrilled about the 25 minute drive, she got into the car and drove to the friend’s house. Tired and ready to get home after pulling into the driveway, the friend came out of the house and walked up to the car.

“You need to come inside,” she said.

Not knowing what to think, Boo’s mother went into the house where she saw the friend’s parent at the doorway. This parent was only informed that Boo was not feeling well. Encouraged to go up the steps to the friend’s bedroom, she turned the corner and immediately knew that Boo’s life was at risk. Continue reading

Good Teens Turned Drug Addicts

It can happen in any home, to your son or daughter. This is a great testimony of one young girl’s life stolen by drugs and given life again to help others. If you have a teen who is a drug addict, there is help, there is hope!

Youth Of A Nation:Bent not Broke


The ugly side of prescription painkillers—and how you could get hooked.

By Elizabeth Foy Larsen

The afternoon of her grandmother’s funeral, Brittany, 19, sat on the bed in what used to be her grandmother’s room, relieved to have finally snuck off after spending all day with her grieving family. In her trembling hands, she held a beaded plastic purse. Brittany knew it belonged to her younger cousin, but still she nervously reached inside, pulling out a $5 bill with her clammy fingers.

Brittany had been furiously rifling through her family’s bags and coat pockets for 30 minutes already, careful to be quiet as her family mourned—somber and teary-eyed—on the other side of the door. She was searching for cash or anything she could steal to sell so she could get high. All the while, her head was aching, and her mouth was dry.
Brittany was desperate. Yet, as desperate as…

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Shelley’s Story – One That You Won’t Forget

I recently posted the story of the teen daughter who wrote a letter to her father about his choices of viewing porn and how it affected her and destroyed their family.  That post received a lot of views.  So that in essence speaks volumes that porn is a serious issue in today’s family.  As a parent of a teen, I would encourage you to view this video with your teenagers so that they can understand the destructive  impact that porn causes.  I guarantee, it will leave a powerful impression. 

If you want to know more about how to help someone that is into porn or is in the porn industry, please click this link.  The Pink Cross Organization

It Was Toxic From The Start

It Was Toxic From the Start - Anchor Of Promise
He was looking for someone to love and validate his feelings. She was looking for someone to just love her. That first conversation did them in. Everything that was said and not said between them made sense. They couldn’t live without each other. It was as if it were fate that brought them together. Or was it?

You hear it on the news, another couple of teenage lover runaways. All they wanted was to live their life and make themselves complete. They talked of marriage, family, careers, their strict parents, their friends that didn’t understand, and a society against them…. all because they loved each other.

As a parent, it can seem overwhelmingly disconcerting when your teenager confesses to a love so strong that they can’t see themselves happy without the other person or make decisions without them. Their rationalization to continue living for each other outweighs the seriousness of their relationship when it is tied up with addictive behavior that any normal person can see.

The constant texting, the long phone conversations and the neediness of each other without boundaries is something every parent should be concerned about. We are not talking about puppy love anymore. This is a Romeo and Juliet love that will lead to disaster. Continue reading

Their Addictions, Our Controlling

Their Addictions, Our Controlling - Anchor Of Promise

As a parent who not only has seen other parents with kids and addictions, I too, saw the issues first hand within my own home. Although these addictions were not to drugs or alcohol, they were still addictive behavior that had control over our daughter’s lives.

For many years I thought that if only I took more control of the situation, my kids wouldn’t be in those situations. So I fought harder to stop the addictive behavior. However, the more control I used, the more my kids were getting out of control. What was I doing wrong?

As much as we parents want to stop the addictive behavior, we can also become the empowerment of that behavior. You don’t necessarily have to have control over that specific addiction, but you can still try to control in other ways which is just as harmful.

So you may ask, “What kind of control are we talking about?” What if your teen abuses alcohol? You know for a fact that it isn’t coming from your home because you don’t provide alcohol. But let’s just say instead, you cut off all of their friends, you make them come home immediately after school, you force them to go to grandma’s house thinking they need to be around more family, or you show them tons of videos of what happens to those who drink. Continue reading