Transgender Crisis

Transgender Crisis - Anchor Of Promise

In light of the suicide death of the 17 year-old teen known as Leelah, I felt it was time to speak up for both the parents and for the teen.  Josh, who called himself Leelah, was angry and distraught, because he wasn’t accepted as a girl by his parents.

This will not be a one-sided view or opinion. It will not be about religious beliefs. This is solely about how this situation became what it was and the impact it could have on other teens.

You have a set of parents who obviously were hurt and devastated over the changes of their child. You have a child who struggled with who he was inside his body and his mind. I don’t think anyone can argue with what I just said.

Too many have already given an opinion on a family without really knowing the whole story. They are going by one penned letter that was filled with strong emotions and hurt by a teen. We can all sympathize with any teen who is hurting and filled with pain. There is no denying this. Continue reading