God does hear you. Wait! Wait patiently for Him.

Several years ago I was struggling with NOT receiving an answer to a prayer that I had been diligently praying for years and years. When I was cleaning out the drawers next to my bed last week I came across the verse that I had written down on a notecard. I had forgotten all about […]

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“I’m mad at you because I want my daddy to come home!”

This is a great post coming from a mom’s perspective on the emotional pain her child has been enduring from a divorce. I have shared in the past how divorce can greatly affect children/teen’s and this post gives good advice and encouragement to help your child get through this change.

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Evonne angry at God

By Evonne Prince

Those were the hardest words I’ve ever had to hear my son say to me and my husband. We knew he was hurting emotionally. As parents we never want our children to feel any pain and as mothers we want to make it all better. Children are innocent and pure of heart, free from the scars life can give us. Being a blended family has brought many challenges and issues we have been forced to face but it is our reality daily.

When I divorced, my son was only 3 years old and at the time I had no idea my son would suffer emotionally from my choice years later. As parents we never intend to hurt our children but in our selfishness and frustration we indeed hurt them even if the signs aren’t visible until years later. Divorce is hard on everyone in a family but…

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Red Flags You are Dating an Abuser

Is your teen in an abusive relationship? Do you know what signs to look for? This is valuable information to teach your teen so that they know the warning signs, especially when they are a teen in crisis, needing love and validation. This could very much be a trap for them. Great information!

Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse

Here is a list of red flags that may help you to see early on that you are with an abusive personality. If you are seeing a few of these characteristics then you need to assert some boundaries with them and see how they react.

If they fight you about having simple personal boundaries then you need to realize that you may be in an abusive relationship. 

Tell them you have to go sleep early one night because you have a lot to do the next day. If they do not accept this, then there is a problem.

No one should give you guilt or shame you that you are not good to them, when you are doing simple basic things to take care of yourself.

It is not normal for someone to threaten to leave you or call you a bad girlfriend if you want to do things for…

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