Parent Depression Test

Teens in crisis can have a tremendous effect on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state of the parent.  With overwhelming amounts of stress and emotional upheaval within the home, it can leave open doors for depression.

Below is a list of of symptoms, when combined, can be a telltale sign that you are living with depression.  This is not a self-diagnose test, but one of awareness to seek help.  If you find that you have more than a third of the symptoms on this list, please contact a counselor or mental health professional.  There is nothing to be ashamed of.  Parents need support and help too.

1.    Withdrawal from others (family, friends, church)

2.    Eating Changes – gain or lose weight

3.    Sleeping patterns disrupted (sleeping more or less)

4.    Sexual intimacy changed (not interested)

5.    No enjoyment in things that were once satisfying

6.    Having difficulty in concentrating

7.    Lost energy or tired all the time

8.    Feelings of failure

9.    Self-Esteem low

10.  Annoyed and irritated more easily

11.  Suicidal thoughts

12.  Overly critical in self

13.  No hope of the future

14.  Unkempt or uncaring of appearance

15.  Unable to make decisions

16.  Crying more than usual or inability to cry

17.  Feelings of guilt and shame

18.  Disappointment in self

19.  Co-dependency on alcohol or smoking

20.  Feel deserving of all the bad things that are happening in your life

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