Personal Note

My sole purpose in writing this blog is to educate and bring awareness to parents as to what is going on with our teens, how to help them, and be a support to each other in a Godly way. 

However, there will be times in which I will post things that are strong and in some eyes harsh. But sometimes truth is hard to hear.  There are even times in which God will speak to us as parents when we are wrong and need to be corrected.  I have been there many times.

If I have come across judgmental in any of my posts, I can assure you that it was not my intention.  In fact, I care enough to speak about these issues so that people can be informed and make better decisions as parents for themselves. And I also speak for those who cannot speak for themselves – teens and children.  

I have received only a few people’s words of disagreement on my approach in how I write my posts.  I do not in any way try to or want to bring shame on any one person when it comes to internet public stories.  But in order for me to get to the point of the problem and finding a solution to help our teens feel safe, loved, and respected, I will share a story or two that brings those situations into the light.  By doing so, we could save the embarrassment, shame or even a life by having these truths exposed.

Before writing a story, I prayerfully consider the issue and whether I need to write the story or not to bring it into the light.  We have to be careful in how one reads those stories because it is so easy to misinterpret or misunderstand the points given.  And even when best is done to make sure everything is understood, a person can still walk away and feel the opinions that they do. 

In the long run, I have only one person to answer to and that is God.  I must weigh out each circumstance and prayerfully go over what is necessary to share or not share.  I have found in my own experiences that there are strong opinions in parents and adults in general on many different topics.  But most that I have come across are desperate parents needing answers right away. 

So if you see something that you don’t understand or need to verify something, instead of posting on site for all to see, I would recommend that you privately contact me on this blog through my email.  This way I can give total attention to you, your needs and your concerns. 

Thank you and God bless!




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