Relational Aggressiveness In Our Children

Relational Aggressiveness in Our Children - Anchor Of Promise

We have always known that two is company and three’s a crowd when we were growing up, but little did we know that today, children’s aggression towards others has escalated using bribery and threats as young as two and a half years of age.

Pain and agony of the pre-teen years in which I viewed my own daughter’s struggles, only brought more tears and hurt by the things said and done all in the name of friendship. In society it has worsened through the years as more victims arise and voice the hurt that has left them with life-long eating disorders, depression, self-harm and suicidal tendencies.

The recent article, “Little Children and Already Acting Mean” in the Wall Street Journal (see link below) only solidifies the seriousness of type of behavior, especially on ones so young.

If we as parents do not actively involve ourselves in the relational aspects of our children, I sense that many of them will be left with detrimental after effects. If we do not break this continual pattern, will we be responsible for the aftermath of what happens to these kids in the long run?

Don’t wait to find out if your child is the aggressor or the victim. I have seen it both ways and know all too well that many parents are not aware of their child’s involvement in this type of activity. So let’s inform each other, support each other, and show our kids what real friendship and relationships are.

Little Children and Already Acting Mean