A Teen in Crisis Was Not on My Bucket List

A teen in crisis was not on my bucket list - Anchor of Promise
You made a bucket list in your mind of all the things you want to do for yourself in life. Maybe it’s picking up an instrument that you’ve been aching to learn. Possibly, it’s a desire to write a fiction book based off of your life. Maybe your creative juices are flowing to paint that ocean scenery or mountaintop sunset that you viewed from your last vacation.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you have tried, those dreams and aspirations are fading away before your eyes. You begin to wonder if you will ever be able to reach those goals that your heart has been set on for so long. Instead, your time and focus has been taken up by the needs of your teen or young adult in crisis. Maybe they have an addiction, a disorder, or a mental illness. Whatever that crisis is, it has become your crisis, and it keeps you from moving forward in your life.

As a parent to a teen that lived daily from crisis to crisis, my life’s goals and plans were almost always put to the side. In some cases, I had to say goodbye to those dreams completely. It seemed as if everything I wanted to do was being ripped away because of my teen’s issues. I loved my teen. I wanted so badly to see her heal, have victory, and experience freedom.

As time passed however, my responses to my teen’s crises were beginning to come out as angry and negative. My once loving attitude towards her was exchanged with bitterness and disappointment every time I heeded to her call for help. It finally came to a head when I yelled at God, “It’s not fair! Why can’t you just heal my teen so that I can live a normal life again?” Continue reading