What is PTSD and Does My Teen Have It?

What is PSTD and Does My Teen Have It? -Anchor Of Promise


Although medical professionals were inundated with many veteran patients who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in past wars, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that there was a more formal definition of this illness.

The public’s view of PTSD is that only war veterans are diagnosed with this disorder. Even to this day, if you mention this disorder, most would immediately link it to the war.

In the last decade the definition of PTSD has broaden from the traumas of war veterans to experiences or witnessing of a life-threatening event such as military combat, natural disasters, terrorist incidents, serious accidents, or physical or sexual assault in adult or childhood.

It can also occur for those in the foster care system and adopted children who have struggled with placement and abandonment issues. I could easily add bullying in this category as well. Continue reading

The Shocking Video That Really Has A Second Message

When I first saw this video without reading the meaning behind it or even listening to the words, it was shocking and yet at the same time, very truth-telling of someone who has experienced sexual abuse.  Sia (an Australian music artist) specifically wrote this song about the painful journey of finding love after enduring heartbreak and was expressed through this video.  However, because the video was done with a 12-year-old dancer and 28-year-old dancer/actor, it spoke volumes of something more evil and tragic.

I have touched on this very issue in one of my other posts but this says it all in video form.  When a child, pre-teen has been trained in being molested and sexually abused, they want to fight off their predator/molester but do not know how.  There is anger, hurt, pain, fear, and so much more which is very well expressed through this young girl in the video.  But what is more disturbing and unfortunately very real today with some sexually abused victims, is how they will often feel bad for their predator and will even protect them.  It is known as the Stockholm Syndrome.

Even in the end, you find that the young girl will try to rescue the man despite the pain that was given.  Please understand that although this video was not meant to be about what I am sharing, it definitely shows you a good portrayal of what a victim of sexual abuse or even domestic abuse (from child to adult) thinks and feels and does.

Please note:  If you have suffered from sexual abuse there can be a triggering effect of flashbacks, painful memories and more.  Best to have someone watch with you.