How Do You Handle a Response to Judgment as a Parent?

Parenting is a lifetime of judgment.  Let’s face it, there is no guidebook on parenting when you have a teen or young adult in crisis and we all make mistakes along the way.  I can raise both hands on this and say I made aplenty.   

I certainly was not as proactive as I could have been. However, I also did not understand mental illness or disorders either and most parents don’t in the beginning. I have come a long way since then and my failures and experiences are now the top key things I am very open about so that other parents don’t fall into the same trap as I did.  

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Beauty From Pain

Beauty From Pain - Anchor Of Promise


As parents of teens in crisis, all we see is pain.  That pain is evident through our teen’s struggles and hurts, through their mental illness, disorders, and addictions.  We also see that same pain directed towards us through the avenues of their behavior.   It is often very difficult to handle and we get emotionally and mentally weak and tired of the battle.  It’s seems as if hope is too far away for us to have.

  For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth

comparing with the

glory that is to be revealed to us.

Romans 8:18

The good news is that God already knows the end result from your teen’s pain.  No matter how bad or agonizing the situation is, or how devastating the circumstances are, God is BIGGER than those things.  I never thought I would see beauty from my teen’s many crises.  For five struggling years of depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and attempts, body issues, identity problems, dealing with the occult, generational problems, drug overdose, and more….God took all of those things and changed them around for HIS glory.  I prayed and cried many times for the pain to stop… for our teen…for us.

God in His faithfulness proved to me that by calling out to Him, He does answer in His timing.  He IS and ALWAYS will be the author of my teen’s life.

Slowly, through prayer and seeking God’s wisdom and guidance, we started to see changes in our teen’s heart, mind, and spirit.  Holding onto the Word of God, praying the scriptures, laying our teen at His feet because our teen belonged to the Lord, the metamorphosis began.  And so it will be for your teen or young adult too.  God loves you and looks to heal your broken family.  Nothing is impossible to HIM!

God is Your Life Preserver

God is Your Life Preserver - Anchor Of Promise

When it comes to teens in crisis, quite often parents are in crisis too. Examples of parents in crisis – depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and more. Don’t drown in the storm of crises, let God be your Anchor to uphold you and give you the life preserver of HOPE! Get connected to a local support group for parents, a prayer team at Church, a counselor in your time of need. Read God’s Word to encourage you and lay your needs at God’s feet. He truly wants to minister and help you.