ADHD: You’ve Got My Attention!

ADHD: You've Got My Attention - Anchor Of Promise

Have a teen or young adult struggling with ADHD?  Well, here’s a book for you!

What’s it like to go through life with ADHD? To fail over and over again? To be criticized for poor performance or inattention to details? To wonder why you are so different from other people? To hide your feelings and pretend you’re okay? Many books describe individuals with ADHD. They state the problems–the inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, hyperactivity, disorganization, difficulty managing time, and more. But we don’t see the resolution, the changes, the outcomes for this person. We never find out how these individuals cope or conquer their difficulties—if they do. Continue reading

It’s Okay To Not Celebrate Mother’s Day

It's Okay to Not Celebrate Mother's Day - Anchor Of Promise

As I left work the other day, the women in my office wished each other a weekend farewell and a Happy Mother’s Day.  I returned the gesture on my way out and as I walked to my car I had thought upon the earlier years in which I dreaded Mother’s Day.

We see it in the commercials, find it plastered in the mail, drive by and see the signs of the Happy Mother’s Day specials. Forever noting it in our memory, mother’s are greeted lovingly by their children, hugged and kissed, and given wonderful accolades to being the greatest mom in the world.

But for countless others, Mother’s Day almost seems like a curse; a curse that is filled with struggle, fear, anxiety, depression and a multitude of roller coaster emotions that are hard to deal with. Continue reading

God is Your Life Preserver

God is Your Life Preserver - Anchor Of Promise

When it comes to teens in crisis, quite often parents are in crisis too. Examples of parents in crisis – depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and more. Don’t drown in the storm of crises, let God be your Anchor to uphold you and give you the life preserver of HOPE! Get connected to a local support group for parents, a prayer team at Church, a counselor in your time of need. Read God’s Word to encourage you and lay your needs at God’s feet. He truly wants to minister and help you.