There Are Always Signs But Do We Always See Them?

There Are Always Signs, But Do We Always See Them - Anchor Of Promise

In a recent interview with Barbara Walters, Peter Rodger, the father of Elliot Rodger who killed 6 and wounded 13 others, said that he never saw the signs that something was severely wrong.

Peter and his wife truly believed with all of their heart that their son’s issues would not take him to the mental state that he had succumbed to. And I believe that to be true to a degree. With Elliot living on his own, away from daily interactions with his parents, it was even more difficult to diagnose how Elliot’s mind had digressed.

However, I must say this. The signs were there and all along, even going back to the age of 7 when his parents divorced. That was the ultimate turning point in this young man’s life in which his parents had noticed the change, enough to seek help for him. Did his parents understand the severity of Elliot’s issues? No, not to the degree that ended his life and the life of others.

If parents don’t know what they are looking for or what the signs could easily turn into if not carefully monitored, it is easy for them to not see the troubling issues that were obviously forming for some time in this young man’s life. Many parents think that because there are no outward signs such as rebellious behavior or acting out, then there is nothing wrong altogether. But the truth is, that doesn’t matter when it comes to a significant and serious psychological issue. The only way of knowing for sure is acting on what you do know to be wrong and to get your child diagnosed. Continue reading

Before Calling A Counselor For Your Teen

Before Calling a Counselor For Your Teen - Anchor Of Promise

Sitting in the office in front of the woman counselor, she was shy and withdrawn. This was her second visit. Her long locks of deep black hair cascading down her shoulders and back helped protect the inner emotions she was feeling.

“Why are you wearing a wig?” said the counselor. “You know, the only ones who should be wearing wigs are the young girls who have cancer. Could you take yours off?”

Thankfully my daughter had enough guts within her to say no and that was the last time she saw that counselor.

This woman counselor did not even take the time to really understand this teen, let alone the reason why she was wearing a wig in the first place. If she was a really good counselor, she would have never asked her to take it off or to give her guilt for wearing one in the first place.

Finding a good counselor, well, is hard to find. We did eventually find the best but I wanted to share with you what I have learned and how to get the right kind of counselor for you. Continue reading