Top Eight Reasons to Keep an Eye On Your Teen - Anchor Of Promise
In an ever growing world of cybermania, teens are becoming more and more updated with the latest craze or addiction.  I recently came across several articles that blew my mind away as to how deviant, distorted, and crazy our world has become by only looking at the sites and trends that our teens are now into.

Most recently, my daughter was asked to join a site called KIK. Once you register, you can begin posting pics and doing chats. She didn’t know much about the site so she went along with it because her friend begged her to spend more chat time with her. She wasn’t even on a full 15 minutes and she came across quite a few half nude pictures of other teens posting themselves for all to see. She was shocked. But there is more. You can send private messages that your parents can’t see as well as sexting. In fact, your child could be corresponding with a predator and not even know it. And worse, the parent or the teen would not be able to identify who it is on the other end.

The other day we were talking about this situation and I began to ask my daughter if she knew any of the sites or trends on my list that would be a major concern for a lot of parents. She was aware of a few, but others she had never heard of. She knows how to get around on the computer and her cell but nowadays new sites and trends are popping up all the time and it is hard to keep up. It was only about 6 months ago that I had mentioned on one of my other posts about a few of these sites and lo and behold, a bunch more cropped up that I had never heard of. Continue reading