Pride Goeth Before the Fall of Your Children

Pride Goeth Before the Fall of Your Children - Anchor Of Promise
Today, many parents rather be prideful, choose denial or keep secrets than consider first the welfare of their teens. I’m not talking about those who would normally feel embarrassed or feel shame about their family’s situation or too scared to talk about it. But I am talking about those who had been offered help from different sources and yet refuse to obtain and listen to that help.

Most notably, by looking at the case of the Sandy Cove shooter whose own mother “chose” not to confront the issues at hand, but instead accommodated those issues. And because of how it was handled, years later the most horrific shooting occurred. This is not just my opinion but by reports of those who are in the medical/psychological field along with documentation from many witnesses that were close to the family.

What I have been hearing and seeing lately is how many parents have similar stories (maybe not as severe) and are following the same footsteps as that mother who in the end paid the final penalty when the son shot her to death. There were no winners in that situation, only losses, too many losses.

Several years ago, I met a family who has a son. They were the parents of many children, but this one particular child was the youngest and also the most rebellious and hurting. After having some get-togethers and a lot of observations, a discussion came up in which I was able to voice some of my concerns that were very valid. Continue reading

Wake Up! Your Teen Is Trying To Tell You Something!

Wake Up! Your Teen is Trying to Tell You Something! - Anchor Of Promise

The above quote was by my daughter in the height of her depression and suicidal tendencies. As a parent, it was difficult to hear but also eye-opening at the same time. What she shared is very true to how teens feel.

This month all across the nation is focusing on the awareness of suicide. It is not a topic that people like to discuss. It has in many years been a very taboo type of issue and the less talked about the less to deal with.

However, because of that attitude, many more teens and young adults are taking their lives like never before. To be honest, many parents don’t even know that their teen is struggling with depression or suicidal issues. Teens often will hide how they truly feel for many different reasons and parents become either in denial of what is happening around them or they truly don’t see the signs that are a part of this problem.

Teens that have friends who have taken their lives are also susceptible to suicide. Between the loss of a friend to their own frailty of life, their thoughts are heightened to another level of how they will begin to cope with what lies ahead. If they are already experiencing depression or any other mental illness, this will only precipitate those emotions and actions of suicide. Distorted thoughts and unrealistic ideation only adds to this dilemma when many times through movies suicide is glorified or even beautiful up to the very end. Continue reading

A Teen’s Life Story of Depression, Anxiety and Self-Harm

Telling her own personal story as a teen and what her mom was faced with, Adria shares what it was like being faced with the fact that her depression and anxiety as well as self-harm was leading her to a road of destruction.  Her mom was left with little alternatives other than to put Adria into a hospital to get help.   Adria shares what those moments were like.  Calling out to God did something she hadn’t expected which turned her life around.  As a parent, I could identify with everything Adria shared having the fact that my own daughter went through an identical situation.  We as parents can learn a lot from our teens and their emotional state and where their thoughts are taking them.  I applaud Adria for exposing something very personal in her life so that she could help others.  My prayer is that her life will be a beacon of hope for others that God does hear us when we call out to Him.

Why Setting Aladdin Free is Wrong

Why Setting Aladdin Free is Wrong - Anchor Of Promise

I have been really shocked and appalled at the media and Hollywood for making statements such as “Aladdin, you are now free!” after the death of Robin Williams.

This statement sends a very wrong message to our struggling teens who are in crisis.  When in despair, such wording as this gives them permission to kill themselves in order to be set free.  Instead, those accountable for this message should have responded with help support lines for those in crisis.  But unfortunately they did not do the responsible thing.

If we don’t want our children and teens to follow in Robin’s footsteps then we need to take a step up and get them the help they need.  If we can offer AA buddies for accountability and encouragement and help, we should also be able to provide that same kind of support for our teens.  Not a pass that says you can kill yourself and everyone is okay with it. Continue reading