Letter to His Divorced Parents

Divorce brings more emotional damage than the loss of a parent through death.  Parents think that if they give enough love to their child or teen, that it will solve any or all future problems.  False.  Please view this video for a reality check.  What this young boy shares is what most teens feel.

At Age 6, Suicide Was His Only Option

At Age 5, Suicide Was His Only Option

On June 3rd of 2013, an angry little 6 yr. old boy from Idaho took off his belt, tied it around the handle of the freezer and hung himself. This was not his first attempt at suicide. Sad to say, this time it was his last because he succeeded. Although he might not have understood the ramifications of his act, he was deliberate in his actions.

The history of this little boy showed major anger issues stemming from the divorce of his parents. Although it is a rare occurrence in children this young, what are not so rare are the many pre-teens and teens that are in similar cases of crisis today. Continue reading