Sometimes We Don’t Always Like God’s Answers

Some We Don't Always Like God's Answers - anchor of promise

Have you ever prayed that God would change your teen at any cost?  Have you begged God to intervene in your child’s life because you were so desperate to rescue them?  I have.

Were you surprised in how God answered those requests?  We’re you even asking yourself, “What was God thinking?”

I often have to remind myself that I am not God.  I cannot read my teen’s mind.  I do not know the heart of my teen.  I have no knowledge of their future.  The only one that can do all of this is the one and true God, our Heavenly Father.

What I do know is that He sometimes allows more pain within the answer.  “Why would He do that,” you may ask?

That is the hardest part for us as parents to grasp.  Our teen is already hurting and because of our prayers, it’s as though more pain comes. Continue reading

When It Rains It Pours

When It Rains It Pours - Anchor of Promise

Sometimes it is hard to breathe…hard to think…hard to just keep going. Just when things seem like they are calming down, another crisis hits or more bad news comes.

You can’t take this anymore. The downpour of problems coming one after another has you collapsing and crying out for relief.

How much more God?

This is a question that many parents struggle with. They wait and wait for answers, for changes, for miracles, and yet, they do not arrive.

Tired and weary is what you wear day to day. There are times in which you begin to wonder if letting go of them is the best thing to do. In one aspect you are right. Continue reading

Follow Through


Follow Through - Anchor Of Promise
Kat: “So what happened when you got in trouble with your parents for what you were doing?”

Desi: “They told me that they were going to take me to the police station to have a talk with somebody.”

Kat: “And did you?”

Desi: “No, they probably forgot all about it. Besides, they never follow through on anything they say. It’s such a joke.”

The parents were contacted in regards to a very dangerous situation their teen was getting into.

Unfortunately, advice that was given was not taken. This teen continues the pattern of behavior that will bring drastic and regrettable results. Sadly, this isn’t the first time these parents had been admonished to get help for their daughter. Continue reading

Finding the Trail Through the Trials of Parenting Teens in Crisis

Finding the Trail Through the Trials of Parenting Teens in Crisis - Anchor Of Promise

I had no idea that when I adopted my daughters what path they would take me on.  Although I did not birth them physically, they were birthed in my heart and I have never stopped loving them despite all the obstacles of pain and hurt that we have all gone through.

Sometimes people felt sorry for my circumstances and if I didn’t have God in my life, I would have probably agreed with those people and even cried some tears on their shoulders.  However, since God is very much a part of my life, He has instilled in me a purpose way bigger than I had ever anticipated and given answers along the way to help me cope with the ups and downs of a teenager’s life. Continue reading

With A Heavy Heart We Push Forward

With A Heavy Heart We Push Forward - Anchor Of Promise

This past week I was blindsided. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion but it quickly turned into a time of speechlessness, shock, and a heavy spirit.

The fact is, when you have teens and young adult children, they are bound to do something that rips at your heart. It makes you realize that no matter how hard you try to be a good parent and how much you love them, they will make choices that you never expected and leave your heart burdened with heaviness.

That was a something I have not become a stranger to. However, I have come to learn one very important lesson in all of this.

God knew all along. Continue reading