Finding the Trail Through the Trials of Parenting Teens in Crisis

Finding the Trail Through the Trials of Parenting Teens in Crisis - Anchor Of Promise

I had no idea that when I adopted my daughters what path they would take me on.  Although I did not birth them physically, they were birthed in my heart and I have never stopped loving them despite all the obstacles of pain and hurt that we have all gone through.

Sometimes people felt sorry for my circumstances and if I didn’t have God in my life, I would have probably agreed with those people and even cried some tears on their shoulders.  However, since God is very much a part of my life, He has instilled in me a purpose way bigger than I had ever anticipated and given answers along the way to help me cope with the ups and downs of a teenager’s life. Continue reading

If an Adult Doesn’t Like to Be Humiliated, Why on Earth Do We Think a Child Does?

If an Adult Doesn't Like to be Humiliated, Why on Earth Do We Think a Child Does? Anchor of Promise

Recently a father went on Facebook to air out his anger as well as actions in what he thought would be a good lesson for his daughter to learn after breaking some rules.

Of course the post went viral with tons of responses, but while I read his comment about the circumstances, other issues came to mind about what was not shared on that very public day.

I certainly understand why this father (Kevin Jones) was upset in his discovery. However, there was a key line in his Facebook message that popped out to me that we as parents should take heed to.


I drew my attention to one line that revealed something that maybe others didn’t pick up. “I uncovered that she had been doing this for quite some time.” Continue reading

Before Calling A Counselor For Your Teen

Before Calling a Counselor For Your Teen - Anchor Of Promise

Sitting in the office in front of the woman counselor, she was shy and withdrawn. This was her second visit. Her long locks of deep black hair cascading down her shoulders and back helped protect the inner emotions she was feeling.

“Why are you wearing a wig?” said the counselor. “You know, the only ones who should be wearing wigs are the young girls who have cancer. Could you take yours off?”

Thankfully my daughter had enough guts within her to say no and that was the last time she saw that counselor.

This woman counselor did not even take the time to really understand this teen, let alone the reason why she was wearing a wig in the first place. If she was a really good counselor, she would have never asked her to take it off or to give her guilt for wearing one in the first place.

Finding a good counselor, well, is hard to find. We did eventually find the best but I wanted to share with you what I have learned and how to get the right kind of counselor for you. Continue reading

At Age 6, Suicide Was His Only Option

At Age 5, Suicide Was His Only Option

On June 3rd of 2013, an angry little 6 yr. old boy from Idaho took off his belt, tied it around the handle of the freezer and hung himself. This was not his first attempt at suicide. Sad to say, this time it was his last because he succeeded. Although he might not have understood the ramifications of his act, he was deliberate in his actions.

The history of this little boy showed major anger issues stemming from the divorce of his parents. Although it is a rare occurrence in children this young, what are not so rare are the many pre-teens and teens that are in similar cases of crisis today. Continue reading

The Seduction of Porn on Our Kids

The Seduction of Porn On Our Kids - Anchor Of Promise
Did you know that the average age for a child to view porn for the first time is age 11? We use to believe it was only targeted for the male adults. Not anymore.

Some teens accidentally get exposed to it. For example, when I got my daughter her first phone which was an android phone, I was shocked to find how many porn apps the phone provider adds onto the phone. Yes, they give you kids games, reading options, internet use, cool tools and more, but you never expect to actually see a visual app that has half-naked couples fondling each other or a half-dressed woman in a sexual pose right there for your teen to click on. I tried to get rid of them so that she wouldn’t be exposed to them but some were too difficult to disable. Continue reading