God, Medicine and Mental Illness

God, Medicine and Mental Illness - Anchor Of Promise
Many parents who seek help for their teen who are in crisis, struggle with decisions on how to resolve that teen’s mental anguish. For those who have a strong faith in God, they can sometimes feel torn.

It can be a difficult choice on whether they should just rely on God through prayer or go to a medical doctor and have their teen diagnosed and treated with medication.

For other parents, they may solely depend on medication and have God as a back-up plan. And others wing it through various avenues of help and support.

There are also many opinions on this topic, not just from a spiritual aspect, but also from the medical and psychological field as well. My emphasis is not to point to one philosophy over the other. My goal however, is to find a common ground in which the teen becomes the primary focus. And in that, achieve understanding for the differing choices and views when it comes to the best course of action for their healing.

The biggest obstacle in the beginning for most parents is shame and embarrassment. They feel that somehow it is their fault that there is something wrong with their teen or that their child is crazy or what one parent referred them to, as looney. Continue reading