The 4 Negative Parenting Responses with a Teen in Crisis – Are You One of These?

The 4 Negative Parenting Responses with a Teen in Crisis - Are You One of These? Anchor Of Promise
I have met a lot of parents with teens in crisis throughout the years and among them I found four common responses.

When a situation arises and your teen is in crisis, which one of these negative parenting styles are you implementing into your life?

The Denial Parent – Although you love your teen, you think that what they are doing is just a rebellious stage in their life in which they will finally outgrow it and get their life together with time. When you do see the outright dangers and concerns, you hope that it will quickly die down and be fixed on its own by the next day. If someone confronts the situation head on, you retreat and let them know that you are working on it but it is never addressed in the long run. When you cannot deny it any longer, you find many excuses as to why you couldn’t help in the first place. Continue reading

I’m Mature Enough!

I'm Mature Enough - Anchor Of Promise

Oh those dreaded words. Why on earth did I encourage my teens by telling them how mature they have gotten? What was I thinking? Oh yes, we as parents want to encourage our teens and letting them know how they have grown and matured, however, those words will backfire on you one day.

Teens today use your own words right back at you and this is one of them. Don’t get me wrong. I love to encourage my girls and see them exceed in ways that will build their character and self-esteem. I believe every parent has that desire to see their teen excel and be on their own more. Continue reading